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Almost all of you must have faced some plumbing issues at least once. A simple problem if left unchecked could put your entire water line at risk. Your kids and sometimes even you might flush something down the toilet that you are not supposed to. These things accumulate and finally blocks the pipe leading to the clog of toilets and overflowing of sinks. You may try to fix it on your own, but a little mistake on your part can do more harm than good. Experts in the field like Dr Draino can help you solve issues once and for all.

At Dr Draino, you can trust our professional and licensed plumbing service offered throughout Templestowe. We are here to help you with your blocked drain or drainage problem whenever you need. You can depend on our 42 years of plumbing experience to solve both your small and big plumbing issues. We have the latest technology necessary to diagnose and fix plumbing problems along with staff skilled in repair and maintenance.


Emergency Plumbing Service in Templestowe

Our licenced and trained plumbers are equipped with the latest equipment to provide all kinds of plumbing service in Templestowe. Our services include:

  • Cleaning clogged toilets
  • Cleaning blocked pipes
  • Clearing out your drain blockage
  • Clearing sewage pipes
  • Fixing clogged sinks
  • Cleaning hair from clogged shower drain
  • Residential plumbing service
  • Commercial plumbing service
  • Industrial plumbing service
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Why Choose Dr Draino for your Plumbing needs in Templestowe?


Drainage blocks and toilet clogs are responsible for spreading foul smell all around. This can also lead to health issues. At Dr Draino, we have licensed people with years of experience at their back to fix your problems professionally.

Here are some of the top reasons you should choose Dr Draino plumbing service:

  • Professional, licensed plumbers
  • Use of latest equipment in this field
  • Providing 24/7 service
  • Price is competitive and fixed
  • No need to worry for hidden cost
  • Our experts conduct a full diagnosis to find the root of the problem.
  • CCTV drone camera used for inspection
  • Excellent time management

Latest Technology – It matters what equipment is used

We make no compromise when it comes to the equipment you will be using. The State of the art technology helps us to detect the problem at its root. Having a full diagnostic allows us to find a solution that can help solve the issue for all time ensuring a peaceful and healthy life in Templestowe.

No matter where you have the problem or how congested the pipe is, we have the equipment to deal with it. Additionally CCTC drone cameras help to take video footages which are included in the report.
If you have a plumbing problem here at Templestowe, then contact us right now.

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