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Blocked pipe can destroy your peace. When a pipe is blocked, normal flow gets interrupted and causes over follow. The result is flood in your house with dirty water. A pipe can be blocked for various reasons. In-house pipes mainly get blocked for kitchen waste, grease, hair, tree roots etc. Time by time waste material gathers in the pipe and reduces its surface. And at last it totally stops the follow.

There are some other reasons that may cause your pipes blocked. Tree root is one of these. Tree roots love to stay in cool and wet place. Roots try to get in the pipe through the joint or any loose point and spread in the pipe. This affects the diameter of the flow path. Whatever the reasons, if you get a blocked pipe, hardly anything will pass through that. This will also create an unhealthy environment in your home.

Dr Draino with long experience believes that, sorting a problem from the start point is an effective policy. We use modern drain cleaning machines to fix blocked pipe.

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