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Dealing with reoccurring blocked drains? Kew locals in need of a blocked drain plumber ‘near me’ can count on Dr Draino. A clogged drain is not only inconvenient but can lead to major plumbing damage–this can result in a huge expense down the line. Fortunately, at Dr Draino, we offer emergency blocked drain service 24x7 and fast, affordable and comprehensive services for toilet, pipe, shower, sewer, sinks and stormwater blockages, along with hot water service in Kew.

At Dr Draino, we commit to regular training for our plumbers. This ensures we deliver the best and latest plumbing solutions for our customers, guaranteeing quality for every repair, maintenance, installation or replacement job. To take care of your blocked drains in Kew, give our team a call today.

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Accredited Master Blocked Drain Plumber in Kew

Blocked drains are common in industrial, commercial and residential properties and are often the result of growing tree roots, leaves, dirt, heavy stormwater rain and unsuitable waste going down the drain, such as sanitary products, wet wipes and oil. Sewer systems are only designed for wastewater, human waste and toilet paper, so when other items go down the drain, they can get stuck and result in blockages. The worst-case scenario is sewage backing up into your home, garden or street.

With over 44 years of experience, our accredited master plumbers are prepared for jobs big and small, no matter the complexity or size of the job. At Dr Draino, we work with industrial, commercial and residential customers, using the most advanced equipment and technology for long-lasting results. Our high-pressure water jets are used to clear out drains, and our diagnostic drain cameras are used to determine the exact location and cause of the clogged drain.

Emergency Blocked Drain Service 24x7 in Kew

There is no convenient time for a clogged drain. Blocked drains can occur at any time of day, which is why the team at Dr Draino offers emergency blocked drain service 24x7. Whenever you have an issue with blocked drains, Kew locals can get in touch with our reliable, licensed emergency plumbers to unclog your drain. We make sure we offer quick one hour response time, so we get your plumbing up and running as usual in no time!

To book in and get services for blocked drains, Kew residents can get in touch by calling us on 1800 676 33 and receive a free consultation and quote!

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